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Coastelprewire DNS settings

Once you have registered your domain name through your domain company you are given a username and password.

Log into your Domain name supplier and tap on domain maintenance or DNS settings.

 Normally there is a option to delete the current ones so do this first then there is a option to ADD

             In the first one (NAME SERVER)

 Add           the in the second one


Some domain suppliers have three DNS settings ns1  ns2 and ns3 we only have two so please delete all old settings before adding the new ones.

If you need assistance please email us..

The are many DOMAIN NAME SUPPLIERS to chose from. The advantage of selecting your own domain name prior to HOSTING is that you can see if ..??

Its available in dot com, dot au, dot org  etc. 

Then you also have the master control to change HOSTING providers should you wish with out issue. We tell you this as we know you are staying with us.

We can do this for you if required.

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